Christmas is coming…

You may think it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but Target already has their displays up and I’m sure others have followed suit. It doesn’t mean you need to start the dash into the season, but it is a good time to think about how you are going to approach the season this year.
It’s pretty easy to get so involved in the Christmas season that you don’t have time to find good devotional material that fit’s your family….

That’s what this post is all about…

There are two great resources available…well, almost available…for your family.
Advent Devotions, coming soon »

What’s in the Bible – For Your Church

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time it should be apparent that I am a fan of What’s in the Bible by Phil Vischer and friends. If you haven’t seen anything I’ve said, you can see it here, here or here.

What’s in the Bible has been a great resource for my teaching on Sunday mornings, so much so that I’m hoping Phil will eventually become “You know, Phil Vischer, the guy that created What’s in the Bible” rather than “Phil Vischer, you know, the Veggie Tales guy.”

Perhaps the biggest plug that I can share with you is that, because of WITB,  children in my ministry understand words like apostasy. It isn’t about learning big or fancy words – but it is about learning biblical literacy. Helping kids understand a concept like apostasy is a big help when it comes to understanding our constant need for a redeemer. Add to that songs like Genesis and Judges and it’s an all around win.
More about WITB »

Leadership Checkup

This week, while working through some Infuse (a coaching program by Jim Wideman) assignments I was reading through a chapter on the role of the leader in Wideman’s book, Children’s Ministry Leadership. The chapter spoke of how we’re called to be overseers of our ministry and shepherds of the flock.

When we finished, Jim asked us a simple but deep set of questions:

Of overseer, caregiver, and feeder

Where do you have the most trouble?
Which do you delegate the best?
And what do you not want to give away?

I encourage you to take some time to think about these things and your answer…and if you enjoy being challenged and are looking to grow, check out the Infuse link above and consider opening yourself to some coaching.


Last week during the CM Leaders opening session, Eric Hamp spoke a little on the old adage, If the devil can’t make you bad, he can make you busy. While I’ve heard this saying before I’ve always taken it to be about having too many things on your plate.

Eric challenged that thinking. We’re all busy; his challenge was about being busy with the right things.

As leaders in the church (or home), our focus needs to be on what you are called to lead. There is always going to be things that will take us, and try to keep us, off focus.

When that happens, it will lead you to the conclusion that you are not enough. That you are incapable.
You’ll feel incompetent and ready to walk away.

At the root of your call is a call to serve the Lord. If you’re facing those feelings I just listed, it’s time to stop and listen. It’s time to wait and hear from God.

It can be scary because you can’t be sure how long it will take to hear. And you’ll want to keep moving.
Be patient.

“Typical” Family

Earlier today Dale Hudson posted an article comparing the typical family in the 50s to the typical family today. He ended the article by asking if you are prepared to minister to today’s families.

That’s a good question. We should be prepared, we should be ready to minister to these families. But I think there is a better question:

Are you prepared to minister to the families in your church & community?

Like I said, it’s great to know the national stats on families, but that doesn’t always relate to the statistics in your church or in your community. For example, Dale’s article mentions that out of 100 children only 22 live with married parents. In our church’s area, 86 of those children would be in two-parent homes.

This past weekend I listened to my friend Sam Luce share some thoughts on discipleship; how we tend to look for a simple drag and drop formula so that we can check it off our list and move on to the next thing. He went on to say that discipleship is more like a recipe than a formula. It’s something that is a little different in each church and something that gets tweaked overtime.

National stats can help you see how your ‘flavor’ differs – they can even speak to things that your families may be struggling with…but it’s vital that you look locally in order to get the recipe correct.

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