The New Talk

Two weeks ago, our pastor shared a message entitled “The Church’s Response to a Changing, Challenging Culture.” It was a message to help us remember and learn from how Jesus and His followers responded to their government, religious leaders, the lost and broken, and to His followers.

One of the thoughts that struck me as central to Pastor Bob’s message was, “A Christ-like response requires an appropriate posture, not just correct doctrine.”

I also know that many parents, myself included, are struggling with the question, “How do I talk to my kids about this?” In many ways, it’s the new “The Talk.” With the topic all over the news, social media and dominating all sorts of conversations we’re left with wondering how to control the context in which our children learn about and process through gay marriage and homosexuality.  And that means that just as the sex talk should have never been about a single conversation neither should the topic of homosexuality. Likewise, just like the topic of sex this is a topic that we should proactively discuss.
Starting the conversation



It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s full.

I remember as a child that summer is filled with days of fun. Freedom to play, VBS, camp, and vacations.

Summer gives us an opportunity to do some fun and silly things.

And, now I see that it’s also full. Children’s pastors have a ton of planning that needs to happen. Camp counselors days are filled with wrangling. Parents try to squeeze in their own fun while planning for vacation and time for fun with their children.

But you know what? It’ll be gone soon.
So don’t fret, stress, or be grumpy about planning. Enjoy it.

And to all of  you who are adulting during the summer – thank you!

Which end is up?

Ministry seasons ebb and flow – and sometimes they feel torrential.

I love the place that God has me but as I mentioned last week, sometimes it feels overwhelming.

For the past two weeks I’ve wanted to grab some time to share my thoughts about Awana’s newest book offering, which I mentioned last week. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen this week….but I am excited to share that I’ll be talking to a friend that works for Awana, so maybe I’ll have even more insight to share.

That being said, if you are in ministry, ask yourself this question: Who am I able to meet with that is outside the context of my own ministry? Keep yourself fresh!


Last week I posted a fairly short…perhaps my shortest post ever to encourage you to tell your story.

It’s easy to think that your story doesn’t matter – or even that you don’t have a story. Your story may be short, but you still have one. And it matters.

I’ve been reading through Awana’s new book The Gospel Truth About Children’s Ministry which is a summary of answers that children’s ministers have give to their questions. In essence a summation of stories. Through that reading I realized that I’m not the only CM feeling overloaded – most do.

In a weird way, that was an encouragement.

Likewise, while I was camping with some Jr. High students last week, several counselors and me shared our testimonies – our stories of faith. Though we had not talked to one another about what we would be saying, there was a common theme in each of or stories. Struggles with family, struggles with identity.

Again, it’s encouraging to know you aren’t the only one.

So share your story, whatever it is. You may encourage someone.

Your Story

Your story matters, tell it. 

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