CM Leaders: What Kind of Teammate are you?

This morning, Amy Dolan opened CM Leaders with a personal story about her struggle to move from leading alone to being part of a team. For many of us, being the leader means being focused and having it all together. As Amy discovered, even if you have a team around you, you’re still a lone wolf leader.

For her, and for me, when you talk to a volunteer about helping  you lead something, you present them with a plan, charts, vision statements and anything else you can think of…and that leaves them with the question: “Why do you need me?”

So Amy, realizing that to have the best ministry possible, she needs to co-lead with others. That meant calling people and asking them to help. That meant being uncomfortable in the meeting because you don’t have a plan. She called in others, apologized for not being a good team mate by trying to lead alone…and of course, all the projects are going better than if she had done it herself.

The take away: Share the burden of leadership – not with a fully developed plan that you want them to assist with, but getting help with, from the ground up, co-leading.

How to Achieve Big Things

The StacksLast year I set what I thought was a big goal; I was going to read 52 books.
My highest before last year was in the 30s so a book a week was daunting.

You might think that along the way I discovered a way to make achieving this goal easy.

I didn’t. In fact, I almost didn’t make it.

I did well through the beginning, often times I was ahead of schedule. Then summer came, a time of year when I am extremely busy…and I feel behind. When November arrived I still needed to read 12 more books.

By the time I put down that 52nd book, I was done.
I wouldn’t be doing that again. In fact, I didn’t even plan to read half that this year.

Still I was proud and shared my accomplishment.

My son decided that he would set a goal for this year….
That’s where I learned a lesson on achieving big goals.
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Be Still…

School is back in session, September is here and it’s one of the busiest times for a Children’s pastor. Fall programing is amping up and about to launch.

People still need to be found.
Supplies need to be organized.
Things need to be printed.
Rooms need to be cleaned.

The list goes on, for parents, pastors and leaders alike.

But in all the getting ready, there is one thing that is easy to neglect.


Rather than amping up this week, our church is shutting down – sort of. We’re taking the week to focus on prayer. Normal ministries are pausing and instead of the normal doing, we’re seeking. We’re taking a breath and asking God if we’re headed in the right direction. We asking for his blessing. And we’re praying to be filled with compassion for our community.

It’s uncommon to stop like this. As a do-er, it’s hard to slow down.

But I’m looking forward to seeing what God does next.

When was the last time you stopped just to talk with God?


Treasury of Bible Stories

As a children’s pastor and father, I am constantly looking for ways to help children fall in love with the Word of God. I think there are a number of people at David C Cook that think the same way because they continue to amaze me with some of their offerings. One such book is the Action Bible, which my son shared his thoughts on a few years ago.

On September 1, David C Cook will be releasing another book aimed at helping children become more familiar with scripture. Once again, it is a beautifully illustrated book that is sure to gain the interest of both boys and girls.

Kelly Pulley, who wrote the Beginner’s Bible ‘s and the Toddler’s Bible, has written and illustrated Treasury of Bible Stories. It’s a 352 page, hard cover book of Rhyming Bible stories. That’s right, he took many of the stories that we first hear in childhood and put them to rhyme.

At first, this may seem cheesy or even a turn off for children – but I think it’s a great way to help children internalize scripture stories. Of course, to make the rhymes work it doesn’t include every story in the Bible or even every part of every story. But it does convey the message of scripture and points children towards God…and that’s a win in my book. Not to mention, (although I guess I am mentioning it) rhymes tend to embed themselves inside us and resurface at easily.

That said, it doesn’t take my number one spot of recommended storybook bibles. While the rhymes do wrap up by pointing to God or His plan as the center of that story, that doesn’t tend to be the central point throughout each rhyme and that is something that I look for in each storybook bible.

Don’t get me wrong, I still recommend that you check this out to see if you can use it in your ministry or home to spark more interest in the Word of God. It’s available for preorder now on Amazon…check it out and let me know what you think.

Be Prepared

What would you do if an extra 30 people showed up this weekend? What about 300?

This past weekend I attended GenCon. For those of you not familiar, it’s a convention for board gamers – actually, it’s the main board game convention in the states. In other words, it’s a total geek fest. That may sound like a niche event that only a few would attend, but estimates were that there would be 50,000 people in attendance.

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